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Who We Are

The FIT Factory, LLC, was founded by wife, mother of three, and sucessful business owner, Fallon Brucke.  
With many years of dance experience and operating a successful dance studio behind her, Fallon was encouraged to become a certified Zumba instructor. After offering Zumba classes at her dance studio in the evenings and becoming certified in several other fitness formats, Fallon's class sizes continued to grow, along with her love for fitness. She made the decision to expand and after a year of successfully running the fitness studio, Fallon decided to close her dance studio to focus fully on her passion for  helping others reach their fitness goals.
In 2017, Fallon launched her own dance fitness format, Bombshell Dance Fitness, designed to empower women, inspire confidence, and provide a challenging work out for all fitness levels.
In November of 2017, after five years of operating in Pickens, South Carolina, Fallon expanded her business and added a second location, Bombshell Dance Fitness by the FIT Factory, LLC, in Easley, South Carolina.  Here she has continued to help others reach their fitness goals and encourages others to sucessfully pursue their dreams as she has.
After nearly one year of operating Bombshell Dance Fitness in Easley, SC, Fallon has expanded to include a variety of Yoga classes, including Hot Yoga, to help ensure that The FIT Factory, LLC has something to offer for everyone.

Our Staff

Our Instructors
Our instructors are licensed and certified in the formats that they instruct and continue their fitness education by attending workshops and seminars. They are constantly working hard and striving to deliver the best expierience in their classes! Get to know each of our instructors below!

Nina Gilliam

Leslie Bagwell

Sierra Couchon

Leslie is a wife and mother of two. She is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is passionate about seeing people reach goals and hit new personal records. Leslie has been a student of dance since the age of 4 with a background in ballet, classical, jazz, and hip hop. Her dance fitness class is high energy and so much fun that you won’t even realize you’re exercising.
My name is Sierra Couchon, I am a mother to 4 amazing, beautiful little girls 10, 7, 1, and 5 months old... I am graduating this year with my associates degree in Industrial Electronics! I started my fitness journey just over 7 years ago after giving birth to my second daughter... I have lost over 80 lbs taking dance fitness and other group fitness classes! I have been teaching dance fitness for just over 6 years with Fallon at The Fit Factory and have several dance fitness certifications. I have also gained my personal training, group fitness, kickboxing, and Pound certification since and am excited to bring my style to these classes as well. I am a very driven and motivated person and love to share that drive and motivation with others! 
I’ve always been a dancer at heart,  but I wasn’t able to continue dance the way I was used to.  So about 11 years, I start taking group fitness classes.   I soon started teaching Jazzercise for 5 years.   I am now a full blown group fitness junkie.    I am licensed in Zumba, Zumba Sentao, Zumba Toning, Zumba Step, and Zumba kids.   I am certified in Kettlebell AMPD, Barre Above, RIPPED and Piloxing.    I am also a Les Mills Bodypump instructor.     When I’m not teaching a class somewhere, I enjoy spending time at home with my 2 dogs or taking small day trips.

Kit Heelan

Ellie Lane

Jenny Clark

I am Kit Heelan, mother of three adult girls and a grateful Granny to several ! I am a Certified Personal and Group Fitness Trainer, and I have been at The Fit Factory teaching Yoga for 2 years. I have taught a Childs Summer Program, Several Senior and Rehabilitation Programs and have several Yoga Certifications from various sources in Acro, Vinyasa, and Restorative Yoga and am currently enrolled in Elementary Education for India. That is a Bachelors Program in All Yogic Concepts and education taught in India from school age on. With 8 limbs of Yoga, and poses being only one of them, I have encouraged and taught from a very elemental and mechanical view. When your body becomes more aware the mind and soul follow. Please come join us and see what your can do given the opportunity!  If you breathe you can do Yoga!
Ellie is a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher who specializes in Restorative and Vinyasa Yoga. Her goal is to encourage mindfulness and relaxation in all areas of life by connecting the mind, body and breath during class.  By finding what movements feel good, she hopes to show others the preventative health power of yoga. She has been practicing yoga for six years and loves the opportunity to share her passion for the practice! Since receiving her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences and Anthropology in 2017, she now has time to hike, mountain bike, trail run and bird watch with her partner.  Join Ellie and learn to manifest joy in all of life’s little moments! 
Jenny is passionate about life and strives to make it more enjoyable for her clients through fitness. As a nationally certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, she specializes in functional training through boot camps, kettlebell training, and HIIT formats. She believes fitness is a constant work in progress and success comes from keeping the body guessing through fun, exciting, and unique workouts that invite positive change. Jenny loves learning and regularly participates in continued education to stay current with the latest fitness trends and the most effective training methods. As a result, she is a certified Personal Trainer, Sport Fitness Nutritionist, Cycling, and Kickboxing Instructor. Jenny has been part of The Fitness Factory family since 2014 and has been an instructor there since 2015.

Jennifer Young

Katrina Ferguson

Jennifer Desorda (Young) has over 32 years in the fitness industry.
She is a certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and holds a Certificate Degree as an Integrative Nutrition Coach and Lifestyle Strategist.
Her 'day job' allows her to inspire, coach and training people in the Fitness industry throughout the Carolinas and beyond, encouraging people to invest in themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.
"I believe that through personal growth and developement we release the restraints on our lives, allowing us to become all that we are meant to be and make our mark on the world"
Jennifer has a passion for teaching a wide variety of class styles from Toning & Conditioning classes to hard core strength and interval conditioning (HIIT), Step Fitness, Sassy Bombshell Dance and much more!!!  
“Over the years I have defined deeper my desire to not only bring enthusiasm and motivation to my classes and clients, but to also bring education and life style philosophies to empower women to break the bonds of who they think they are, and start to become who they were always meant to be! Letting down all the walls and having the most fun possible!”
Live WILD, Live with HEART!
I am a proud mother of four beautiful children, married to my best friend. I currently work in social, developmental, and therapeutic services for Psychiatric patients (children) and have for the past eight years. Certified in personal and group training through Fittour for almost two years now. Also trained in house party fitness. I am extremely passionate about fitness and self love! I pride myself on being my “work” through community outreach programs and other activities I am able to teach my children the importance of being a good person, giving, and living a happy and fulfilled life. I am known for being very optimistic and enthusiastic. I love to get people excited about the great things life has to offer and thorough fitness I am able to express my love and support for those who feel alone(we have all been there). I am BIG on women empowerment!! Together we are a true force! I grew up with 6 sisters so I understand the power we as women possess in numbers is a great thing! Very family oriented. Family is so important my goal is to raise and train beautiful people to go out into this cold world and spread Gods love! Lord knows we need it! I want my children to be happy and productive people! I love my fit family here with the fit factory and bombshell studios. I hope that I can continue to be someone’s light as God has assigned me to do! I love outdoors, theater,  fine arts, and loads of safe fun stuff! I’m all about self preservation, self love. I exude my confidence in every effort I make!  One of my favorite quotes is by the late and beloved Dr. Martin Luther King “ Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”